Ten years ago, we decided to take a chance and open a 1950s-style soda fountain on Kiawah Island just a handful of years after the start of the new millennium. Despite the proliferation of major drugstore chains, Vincent’s continues to thrive because of the very elements that set it apart. Walking in to our store is like taking a step back in time; the pharmacist-George-remembers your name and asks about your children, and the folks at the soda fountain know your order by heart. It would be impossible to count the number of people who have come through our door with stories to tell us about the neighborhood drugstores of their youth. The phrase that is repeated most-‘This is exactly like the soda fountain I used to go to as a child’-is one we never get tired of hearing.  That feeling of nostalgia is exactly what we strive for here at Vincent’s. We have so enjoyed serving our community and meeting both neighbors and visitors alike these past ten years, and we look forward to all that the next ten will bring.